Jaipur Culture

Jaipur is enriched with a majestic past that is of royal legacy because of the cultural heritage. Many people don't know about the customs or the culture traditions that happen. The customs are very unique and inspiring.

One of the many reasons why Jaipur is high class is because it's known as a commercial center for most of the regions in Rajastha. A lot of the women wear ghagra-choli and turbans. They have a lot of fairs and plenty of festivals for visitors to join in on. We will continue to talk about the religion, cuisine, people, the music plus the folk dance that happens in Jaipur. You can get a custom trading pins to create unique culture logo of Jaipur as part of your collection.

Jaipur Cuisine

The cuisine in Jaipur is very good and they offer a variety of choices. A very popular choice is the butter and the ghee that the cooks use. The attractions that people visit often are Dahi Vada, Dal-Bati Churma, Besan Ka Gatta, Mawa Kachori, Ker Sangri, Besan Ka Gatta, Pyaaz Ki Kachauri, Jodhpur Ki Rabri and Chakke Ki Sabji. The Rajasthani food is known for being vegetarian which is great for ones that are on a diet and watching their weight because the food is very healthy.

Jaipur People

Jaipur is known for their appearance but it's mainly the women that go all out with wearing gold and silver. They love wearing green, red, orange and yellow clothes. Men sometimes wear earrings and they put on turbans that have bright colors that are tie dyes.

Jaipur Languages

Most people speak Rajasthani in Jaipur but English is still very common in the city.

Jaipur Religion

Hinduism is known throughout the city in Jaipur and many people follow it but they also have Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam.

Jaipur Dance and Music

They really believe in music and Ghoomar is one that you will hear throughout Jaipur. Most ladies wear skirts or ghagras to dance. They also share a royal variety of common interest with Rajputs that is located at Morchang, Tanpura, Naad, Sarangi and a lot of other places.