Jaipur Travel Guide

Rajasthan, India boasts of many beautiful cities including Jaipur. Many tourists around the globe have already visited Jaipur as it offers interesting places. Despite Jaipur being a tourist destination, its local government still managed to preserve areas in the suburbs that add up to the interest of tourists. One of the most popular places here is Abheneri, which is the home of Harshad Mata Temple and step walls. Meanwhile, Sanganer is popular for making hand-made paper within India.

Many people don't know that Jaipur was the first city that was planned in India and it's in the desert lands. The capital of the city is Rajasthan but it use to be the capital of royalty. The structure redesigns the Royal family. Right now it's considered a huge money making business for Rajasthan. It's painted in pink and many visitors are in awe over its color.

The streets of Jaipur stay very active each year. They also have a lot of structures such as the Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace and those are considered the best structures. The city becomes alive with the many festivals that it has each year.

With these incredible features, it is no wonder that it is thought of to be the best tourist attraction for many. The cultural heritage is another thing that people rave about. It's filled with Indian traditions and customs of all kinds. People all over the world come to see Rajasthan.

There are ancient monuments one can visit and see the history at works. The hotels are all very comfortable and many enjoy the service. They have big parks and exotic gardens.